Stress of conscience among perianaesthesia nurses who have been working in a Covid-ICU

You are hereby asked to participate in a survey with the purpose to describe and compare stress related to troubled conscience, i.e. stress of conscience, and fear of Covid-19 among perianaesthesia nurses working in a Covid-ICU during the Corona pandemic.  Stress of conscience can be explained as when health care personnel find themselves caught between their ideal image of health care and the reality resulting in a troubled conscience from not being able to do more.
The survey includes two validated questionnaires: The Stress of Conscience Questionnaire (SCQ) and Fear of COVID-19 questionnaire. The Stress of Conscience Questionnaire estimates stress related to troubled conscience and addresses how often you experienced a certain stressful care situation that occurred in the Covid-ICU, and how often you experience stress in your usual workplace. SCQ also assesses the amount of troubled conscience the specific situation evokes when it occurs. The fear of COVID-19 questionnaire measures emotional fear reactions regarding the pandemic.
This study is an international survey across ICPAN’s organizational members: ACPAN (Australia), BRV (Belgium/Netherlands), NAPANc (Canada), FSAIO (Denmark), FANA (Finland), Hellenic Perianesthesia Nursing Organization (Greece), IARNA (Ireland), ANIVA (Sweden), BARNA (United Kingdom) and ASPAN (USA).
We hope that you can participate in this study as it is important to highlight this issue.

Your participation is voluntary and anonymous. The reporting of the results will be on a group level so that no individual respondent will be identified. The questionnaires take about 15 minutes to complete.

 If you have any questions, please contact me. 

Ulrica Nilsson

President of ICPAN, Professor of Nursing and RNA

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