Registration for lunch seminar "A science communication crash course" on May 27th (En snabbkurs i populärvetenskaplig kommunikation)

Welcome to a lunch seminar on how to communicate your research to the media and the general public.

This crash course will make you feel more comfortable with concepts like news release, target group, branding, profile page and citizen science from a KI perspective.

Find more information about KI:s Data protection policy: https://staff.ki.se/data-protection-policy

Welcome to the seminar hosted by Katarina Sternudd, science communication strategist, Communications and Public Relations Office, KI

(The seminar is held in English)

Seminar, May 27th, 11.30-13.00, location will be communicated later.

1. First name
2. Family name
3. E-mail address
4. Which KI department do you belong to?
5. If you do not belong to any of KI departments, please write which University you belong to
6. Phone no
7. Food (allergies, veg. etc)
8. Other information
9. Because the registration is binding, I promise to inform elisabet.lindgren@ki.se at least three days in advance if I am unable to attend the seminar!