Application for KI course on doctoral level after deadline - course title ...

This doctoral education course will be held from September 10 to September 21 2018 at KI Campus Solna. 
The last day to apply for this 
course is June 10, 2018.

Selection will be based on 1) the relevance of the course syllabus for the applicant’s doctoral project (according to written motivation), 2) date for registration as a doctoral student (priority given to earlier registration date)


Link to the course syllabus: http://kiwas.ki.se/katalog/kursplan/show/1761
Link to the most recent course evaluationhttps://survey.ki.se/report/6010

Course directors and responsible department:
Carl Johan Sundberg, Department of physiology and pharmacology

Contact person for the course:
Jessica Norrbom

Handling of personal information
Personal information submitted with the application will be handled in accordance with the Personal Information Act (Personuppgiftslagen, PUL). For more information see course catalogue: http://kiwas.ki.se/katalog/apply/pul 
1. Your name (given name and family name)
2. E-mail address. Please, use your @ki.se address if you have one.
3. Swedish civic registration number ("personnummer"). 
This question is mandatory for (doctoral)students registered at all Swedish universities and other higher education institutions. Indicate YYYYMMDDXXXX
4. Indicate the KI Department or (in the case that you are not at KI) the name of the higher education institution/ university you belong to.
5. Your present position
6. Motivate why you apply for this course including why this course is relevant for your individual studyplan / research project / future career.