Join the Academic Pride in the Stockholm Pride Parade 2019

We will meet on August 3 from 11:30 at Medicinska Föreningen's Aula, Nobels väg 10, Karolinska Institutet, Campus Solna, where light food and non-alcoholic drinks will be served to pre-registered participants. Mingle and get a free T-shirt to wear in the Pride Parade (first come first served). After the pre party, we’ll take bus no. 3 from Karolinska Institutet to Kungsholmstorg to take part in the Parade which starts at 13:00.
Please note, registration needed only for the pre party! You, your friends and/or family members are welcome to join Academic Pride at the start of the Stockholm Pride Parade, we’ll meet at Kungsholms strand at 13:00. Information on Academic Pride's starting number in the Parade will be published in the Facebook event when available.

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